Vehicle branding

Car wrapping

The vehicle branding is the most cost-effective solution of advertising your product or service. Your company’s car is active during the entire work day, making it a mobile advertisement available to the widest audience. This way, you get closer to your customers and increase the market presence of your company.

Vehicle branding has numerous advantages in the field of advertising:

  • all social groups are targeted,
  • brand awareness of your company is raised,
  • mobile advertisement is dynamic and attracts the attention of both passers-by and drivers,
  • graphics located at the level of the eyes is easy to spot,
  • the price is affordable and the advertisement will last for years,
  • car body and colors are protected from the external influences.

Send us your idea and we will quickly turn it into a quality advertisement. Once designed, we will send you to approval for print or any potential improvement need to be made. Our professional team will wash and degrease your vehicle, and after that remove strips, locks and small parts that interfere with the application of the film on vehicles. Special cast films allow curves and bends over many years, and are stable under the sunshine. The lamination over the film protects the print from scratches and UV rays …

After the small parts are returned to place, your vehicle is ready to serve as a mobile advertisement and increase the profit of your company!


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