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Large format banners

Full-color printing on PVC (vinyl) banners found its main application in the large format outdoor advertisements. Both the price per square meter and the price of advertising with this type of printing are very affordable.

Banner printing can be applied, but the list is not concluded, to:

*covering of scaffoldings and large construction sites,
*creation of large format advertisements placed on walls and fences,
*advertise the sale of offices, apartments, lots,
*Backlight panels for large format illuminated signs.

Backlight panels with a double layer of color are applied with large format illuminated signs, where the dimensions of advertisement are exceeding the maximum size of lexan or clirit. Those are special brightness permeable panel that make possible to get a print from one part and avoid un-practical connections which cut the printed front of an advertisement.

We use only the proven and most effective ways to create full-colour prints. Your prints have to be colorful, vivid and high-level detailed in order to emphasize a message or a product. That is why we offer weatherproof banners and panels of the highest quality…

In addition to the printing and the graphic preparation services, we also provide reinforcing the edges and setting anchovies, which can be done in our workshop.

Finally, digital printing on a banner will be either tightened on the frame or simply screwed to the wall and illuminated with reflectors.

Full-colour prints are resistant to all externals.
The banner is easy to transport and install!

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