Canvas prints

interior canvas print on wide format digital printing machine
canvas digital printing
Canvas digital print
Canvas print in parts

Decorate your interior with quality printing on canvas

At the beginning of ‘70s, reputable photographers and artists were printing their work on the canvas, but those prints were reserved only to small circles due to its high costs and very elaborate production. Thanks to the digitization of process and modern machines, quality canvases are now affordable to everybody.

You can order canvas prints for every room in our print shop. Send your design or pick one with our assistance. Printings on the canvas now decorate walls of offices, living rooms and bedrooms, as well as the walls of halls and lobbies of big companies.

Canvases are printed on the large format machine in full color, where the amount of color, contrast and saturation of certain tones is precisely tuned. There is also a choice of different sizes, varying from smaller to the large format canvases, where only the height of the print is limited to 130 cm.

Once printed, canvases are later trimmed and tightened on a wooden blind frame of the single, diptych, triptych variants …
We use only high quality canvas from the European producers!


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